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Sinners Get To Wear White


Years ago a young woman approached her pastor with a request. It wasn’t a strange request. She simply asked if he would perform her wedding ceremony.

She and her live-in boyfriend had not been attending his church very long. They had only been Christians for a few short months and getting married seemed like the right thing to do. The pastor gladly agreed with this and likewise agreed to perform the ceremony. But that’s only part of the story…

This young lady also explained to her pastor that she was pregnant. Thankfully this didn’t change the pastor’s willingness to officiate the ceremony, but it certainly made him want to get it done as soon as possible.

Before talking to her pastor, she was hoping their wedding would be in June so out-of-state family members could make plans to attend. Many of these family members hadn’t stepped foot in a church for quite some time, so she wanted a wedding where the Gospel would be preached to them. (Brand new Christians are beautifully zealous like that. They haven’t yet learned to hide their weaknesses and shame.) Given her pastor’s encouragement to get married soon, she was willing to move the wedding up to April, but no sooner.

The pastor conceded to the April ceremony, however he had one request of his own. He cautioned that due to these difficult circumstances and for the sake of the other members of their congregation, he asked if she would refrain from wearing a white wedding dress. And she humbly agreed.

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