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Repentance Under The Microscope


“Properly speaking, repentance consists of two parts: One part is contrition, or the terrors that strike the conscience through knowledge of sin. The other part is faith, which is born of the Gospel, or the Absolution, and believes that for Christ’s sake, sins are forgiven.” (The Augsburg Confession, 1530)


I once saw a man holding a sign that read:

Divorce is an abomination. Repent!

That’s it. Nothing else. Nothing about forgiveness, nothing about God, nothing about Christ or His blood soaked cross and empty tomb. I couldn’t help but approach the man and ask him one question.

“Repent to what?”

He didn’t answer. In fact he wouldn’t even look at me. I asked the question again…still nothing. So I told him about all that Christ had done for a world of wretched sinners and I asked him to consider adding some good news to his sign, if he was dead set on holding one. Sadly, he never spoke to me. Never even looked at me. But he certainly heard me.

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