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Jesus And Abortion


If April 1 is April Fools’ Day, then March 25 is Divine Fool’s Day. Falling nine months before Christmas, it’s the day when God set in motion what appeared to be a foolish plan. The Creator of heaven and earth became a two-celled human zygote gradually drifting down the fallopian tube of an unwed Jewish virgin. Every few hours, he doubled his number of cells until, a few days later, he made himself at home inside her uterus. There he would remain for the summer and fall. A God swimming in amniotic fluid. A God growing a heart and liver and lungs. A God kick-starting a plan that seemed to have failure written all over it.

How would this ever work? What was he thinking, becoming one of us? What we need is a mega-God not a mini-human. Give us an almighty deity not a helpless fetus. We want a muscular Jesus to stand strong in heaven and do powerful stuff to fix our lives and save the world. But it’s so like our backwards God to defy our expectations and become a baby. It’s the kind of thing only a Lord of love would do. Everything we have been, he wanted to be, including an unborn child, so that everything we are would be saved by him.

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